The Experts Who Will Handle Pump Repairs for You

If you are experiencing some problems with your water pump, it is best to have it checked right away. You might still be able to use the water pump, but if it is not in top shape, it has to be checked and repaired right away. When it comes to pump repairs, you can rely on House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services. If you wonder why you should let us take care of the repairs of your water pump in Salemburg, NC, here are our reasons:



We started our company in 1987, we know the water pump system like the back of our hands. Since we know every aspect of the system, it is easy for us to find the cause of the damage. The pump repair will be done faster and will last for a long time. If you let an inexperienced person handle the repair, the damage might become bigger. This means you may have more problem and expensive repairs.



We know the right troubleshooting steps to deal with the problem. We know where to look so you will no longer have problems with your water supply. Since we know the system very well, we know how to handle problems and take care of them. Our repair methods are safe, so you do not have to worry about having any problems with the water pump and the surroundings.



As experts, we know the right parts to use if ever there is a need to change parts. We always make sure we are able to provide a lasting result on our pump repairs. You can get the parts from us at a good price.



We are a licensed well-drilling contractor. We are not limited to pump installations only as we also handle repairs and maintenance. We have passed all the tests the local government has given, too.


Leave the pump repairs to House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services. With our services, you can be assured you will have a working water pump on your property in Salemburg, NC all the time. Call us at (910) 525-4033 right away.

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