All about Our Commercial Well Drilling Services

Are you looking for a professional and efficient team to do all your drilling work? How about a company that has been around for almost 30 years? House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services is one of the most preferred companies in the area. With a dedicated workforce that knows how to deliver, we have been the go-to local well drilling service provider in Salemburg, NC. We can be contacted at (910) 525-4033 every day till 6:00 PM. By offering a wide range of services, we reach out to every need of our clients and complete the project successfully every time.

Affordable Well Drilling Contractor

Affordable Well Drilling Contractor

Well Drilling Services

We take drilling very seriously and we feel that our clients do too. So, whether it’s an installation of water lines or oil pump installs, we pay attention to the smallest details when getting the job done. With a team of trained well drilling contractors, we ensure every project is completed quickly and cost effectively.

Well and Tank Repair

Well and tank installation takes a lot of study and research, which our team has dedicated countless hours to, only to deliver the most professional results to our clients. Apart from installation, we handle a huge number of well and tank repair jobs. It is one of our strongest areas and has always completed a successful repair.

Pump Services

A large number of our clients either own a farm, or have a garden, and for that, they require a readily available flow of water. Using only the most high-quality equipment, we install pumps for both residential and commercial projects. We offer pump repair services as well.

Well Abandonment Services

Open abandoned wells are an accident waiting to happen. We ensure that these structures are properly and permanently closed off so that the area can be utilized for other purposes. Through our ditch trenching methods, we get to the source of the well and deconstruct them effectively.

So whenever you need any of those services, do not hesitate to call. We look forward to working with you!

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