The Affordable Well Drilling Contractor You’ve Been Looking For!

There certainly are many benefits of owning a private well, but in certain places away from local governmental water utilities, wells are a necessity. There is no better or safer way of acquiring a well of your own than by enlisting the services of an affordable well drilling contractor. If you re looking for a certified expert in this field in Salemburg, NC, then House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services is the company for you! In operation since 1987, we have provided many property owners with reliable well drilling services which showed great results. If this is a service you feel you could benefit from, then, by all means, continue reading.


Owning a well is a great idea for many reasons. First of all, it doesn’t get more economically sound than free water! Secondly, well water can be far healthier. We, at House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services, can direct you towards a reliable water-testing lab in Salemburg, NC to make sure your water is not only drinkable but how health-beneficial it is. Well water is filtered through the ground, sand, and rock sediment which leaves you with clear water. Thirdly, your water supply will be reliable. You will know your well’s capacity, and it will have a constant influx of fresh water from its source. You won’t have to worry about any repairs and maintenance in the city water supply system leaving you without water for hours or even days.


We are equipped with top of the line implements, tools, and machinery which lets us provide you with a dependable well drilling service. Once a water source has been located on your land, we will use our specialized drills to tap into it, create a well which will hold a significant amount of water to suit all your household needs. Depending on what the water will be used for, you can connect a sprinkler system to it to water your garden or crops, or connect water pipes to it for in-house use. House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services is the affordable well drilling contractor to call if you need pump installations as well. Our work is fast, reliable, and all our wells have a warranty. You will doubtlessly be satisfied with our services!


To book an appointment or find out more about the many services we offer in Salemburg, NC, be sure to contact House & Faircloth Well Drilling Services at (910) 525-4033!

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